Never setup a cold email account again.

We’ll configure your cold email sending domains & accounts within 48 hours. 

Primed is your team of cold email specialists, standing by 24/7 to help you spin up more cold email domains & accounts and get them primed for sending. Transparent pricing, fast turnaround, and unlimited scale.

Stop fucking around with MX and DNS records, warming up accounts, trying to find out what a ‘DKIM’ is, etc. Let us handle the headache for you.

All setups include

$20 per domain

$10 per account

Why choose Primed?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?
It’s quite simple! Add your credentials to our secure online portal, and when you need a new account or domain spun up to send cold email — we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

For domains, we’ll create the DNS & MX records, and connect the tool to an email host.

For sending accounts, we’ll create a new realistic-looking account (complete with realistic name and fake profile picture) on the domain’s email host, hook it up to the email sending tool of your choice, and set it to warm up.

Do you need my login credentials?
Yep! You can create multiple accounts for different registrars, email sending accounts, and email hosts. We’ll need the email and password for each of them to do our jobs correctly, and request that you temporarily disable two-factor authentication.

How secure is my data?
Very secure! Your usernames and passwords are AES-256 encrypted. If someone was to steal our database (unlikely as it is), they’d just get a jumble of letters. AES-256 encryption turns “password123!” into “RCMNVAbG5CPnKdUFjJApLw==”.

Access to individual logins are audited. Our staff can only access one login at a time; each time sensitive material is accessed, it’s logged and staff have to provide justification. We require that staff record Loom videos whenever they’re executing an order and handling sensitive materials.

Is bulk pricing available?
Yes! We already offer transparent, reasonable pricing at $10/account and $20/domain. However, if you anticipate adding more than 250 domains per year, or 1,000 accounts per year, we can offer a sliding scale discount of up to 30%.

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